TCMF Resumes TONIGHT at 5:30! Join us!

Austin – The Ninth Annual Texas Community Music Festival returns from a short Easter hiatus for a non-stop, six day run beginning Tuesday, April 22, at Central Market North, 4001 North Lamar in Austin.


EVERYONE’S A CRITIC! Apparently grackles don’t like tuba music. Solution — play a sousaphone!

Tonight’s program includes:

Waking Fable, TCMF newcomers, describes themselves as ” a versatile mix of smooth funk-folk-soul, with a light touch of rock.”  Austin Banjo Club has participated in TCMF since our second festival, and, if you know your TCMF history, then you know that this intrepid bunch of pluckers and strummers performed through one of the biggest gully-washers in recent Austin history.   About7 will be playing their second TCMF. (from their website): “Accordion, guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, bouzouki, harmonica, cajon (a drum instrument) and vocal harmonies weave textures through the original and interpreted songs, which provide a sound distinctive to About7.”

In case you missed Week One of TCMF, please take the time to enjoy our video and photo pages.  Thus far, we’ve enjoyed great performance weather, great attendance and incredible music, as diverse as the soul of Texas herself.   We expect much much more of the same.  This week’s schedule runs from tonight through Sunday, April 27.  Check the “2014 schedule” page for complete information.

Texas Community Music Festival is presented by the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble and graciously hosted by Central Market.  Please visit our Sponsors page and be sure to thank them for all they do for the community of musicians in Austin and Texas.


More from Wednesday’s TCMF Performance

Austin — The Texas Community Music Festival completed its first week of performances on Wednesday night, with yet another mind-blowingly diverse program of music from three vastly different bands.

TCMF newcomers, Classics N Jazz Brass Quintet opened the show with a program that ranged from classical selections to movie themes to pop classics, like “Here, There and Everywhere” by the Beatles (that’s probably now considered classical music, right?)

Following Classics N Jazz were one of the few bands that have participated in every single TCMF since the beginning, the Austin Polka Band.  When TCMF was born, this group performed under the name of the “New Austin Polka Band.”  Though the new might have worn off a bit, ahem, the attraction in Central Texas for Central European music – polkas, waltzes, schottisches, Teutonic marches – has been a constant since this part of the state was settled by German, Bohemian, Czech and Polish immigrants.  Wednesday night, APB drew dancers of all ages to the patio, including a lovely couple from Austria, who waltzed across Texas … or at least across the patio at Central Market.


The evening was highlighted by another one of TCMF’s longtime attractions, the Austin Jazz Band, led by jazz great Bobby Davis and featuring Lisa Clark on vocals.   Incidentally, Lisa holds the record for the most performances in a single TCMF a few years ago when she fronted for virtually every big band in the festival AND brought her own for good measure.

The band performed at the highest level, as usual, and the audience loved every note, chord and solo.


TCMF will return on Tuesday, April 22 and continue daily through Sunday, April 27.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Week 1 in the Books! TCMF resumes Tuesday, April 22!

Watch video highlights of Wednesday’s performance at the Ninth Annual Texas Community Music Festival!  Remember, we’ll be off for Easter Weekend, but TCMF cranks back up Tuesday April 22 and will be on every night and all weekend through April 27!

For more highlights from the 2014 TCMF, click on our Video and Photo pages!

Happy Easter y’all!

TCMF TONIGHT! It’s time to Polka, Swing and Shake that Thing!

MUSIC = JOY! Music is the best! Come out to TCMF tonight and experience Classics, Jazz and POLKA!

Austin — The Ninth Annual Texas Community Music Festival continues today at 5:30pm with Day 4 of our 2014 version of Austin’s most musically diverse gathering of community musicians ever assembled!

Central Market North will be scene of tonights performance, along with all other TCMF presentations.

The show kicks off at 5:30 with Classics ‘N Jazz Brass Quintet, a first-time TCMF performer.

At 6:45, the  Austin Polka Band takes center stage.  APB is a group that played at the inaugural TCMF (as the NEW Austin Polka Band) and was recently named by the Austin Music Awards to the Top 10 list in the World Music Category.

Wednesday’s program concludes at 8pm with the renowned Austin Jazz Band, under the baton of Bobby Davis.  Some of Austin’s heavy jazz hitters will be bringing it, so be sure you do too!

After tonight, TCMF will take off for the Easter Holiday, returning Tuesday, April 22 at 5:30pm and every evening and all day during the weekends through April 27, so make plans now to be part of the TCMF experience.

Remember, MUSIC = JOY!


Monday at TCMF — Ms. Kat reporting!

Poor Yorick rocked the Cafe Monday night at Texas Community Music Festival.  TCMF is OFF on Tuesday but returns Wednesday!

Poor Yorick rocks the Cafe Monday night at the Texas Community Music Festival. TCMF is OFF on Tuesday but returns Wednesday!

Hello all, Ms. Kat here!

After missing the first weekend to play hooky at Old Settlers’ Music Festival, this was *my* first night at the Texas Community Music Festival this year!

We saw the third appearance of the all-IBMer Blue Diamonds, who played some smokin’ horn-rock covers from the 70s (tight!), a bit of Louis Prima style swing, and guitarist Brian Veraa’s fabulously funky original tune, “Bad Habits.”  This band has highly evolved from their 20-piece jazz big-band origins, and their musicianship shines through the rock and roll line up.

Second up were Las Gabacha-chas, whose name I managed to mispronounce mere seconds after getting it right.  These ladies radiated joy in making their music (that’s not actually sun glare in the photos — that’s what joy looks like!), and captivated the audience with their precision Latin rhythms.  Even a song about cholesterol sounds deliciously foreign en Espanol, and when set to a rhumba beat.  You can’t help but get a little hip-wiggle going when you’re in earshot of this band!

And alas… we reached the last band of the night.  Alas… alas….

Poor Yorick.  They rocked the deck!!!  From a high-energy cowbell feature, to a clever tune about the kitchen junk drawer (you know you’ve got one!), to a tune that breaks down into an old-school rap, there was never a dull moment with Poor Yorick on stage.  With a great stage presence and a dedicated dancing fanclub — this was an awesome debut performance at the TCMF!

The TCMF will be taking a break from the festivities this evening, but will return on Wednesday with three more sets, and then we’re partying ALL the time from Tuesday April 22nd all the way through Sunday the 27th.  Don’t miss this!


Sunday at TCMF: Rock, Opera and Brass (Oh MY!)

Austin —  Threatening skies weren’t enough to keep music lovers of all ages away from Sunday’s second day of Texas Community Music Festival, and those who attended were rewarded to another diverse and well played day and evening of great music.  OK, diverse may not be doing the program justice … it was ALL OVER THE PLACE, much to the delight of the audience, many of whom spent the day and evening at TCMF.

The day kicked off with singer-songwriter Lee Jaster and his quartet, making his first TCMF appearance a memorable one.

Trombonium Sinfonium, a low-brass choir based in Greenville, TX, made their third TCMF appearance, totally rocked the house as well as winning the “who came the farthest to play TCMF” award for this year.   Immediately shifting gears to Dixieland style jazz, TCMF welcomed another performance by The Numbers, a band composed primarily of ACC Math faculty (hence the name).  And Kunitan took people from Bourbon Street right up into the Andes with their beautiful renditions of traditional folk music from South America.

Another newcomer, Texas KGB, wowed the audience with their “Original Americana Music,” a tasty mix of Rock, Country, Blues and Alternative music; distinctly American.

And then the show shifted direction again, with a special performance of “The Elixir Project,” produced by Austin Lyric Opera and the Butler School of Music at UT.  One of the most beautiful and creative performances in the long history of TCMF.

Just when the audience thought they’d seen it all, TCMF brought out the heavy metal!  IT WAS TIME TO SHAKE OUR BRASS, with a triple shot of some of Austin’s rowdiest and most entertaining brass bands:  Yes Ma’am Brass Band, making its first TCMF appearance, followed by the (f)undead musical hijinks of Dead Music Capital Band (Austin’s favorite zombies) and Austin Music Award finalists (in two categories) Boss Street Brass Band, who closed the show to a packed dance floor and people screaming for more.

The Texas Community Music Festival continues Monday at 5:30pm with the Blue Diamonds, followed by Las Gasbacha-chas and a performance by TCMF newcomers Poor Yorick.   TCMF will NOT be performing on Tuesday, but returns Wednesday of this week.

This is shaping up to be the best festival ever and as anyone who has seen it will tell you, the most diverse musical celebration anywhere!




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