Thank you one and all for your patience and participation in the Fourteenth Annual Texas Community Music Festival. We’re building on success and expect everything to go as smoothly this year as it has each year since we began.


Please share this information with the appropriate member or members of your ensembles:


Festival Contacts:

Herb Holland: 512-789-4372

Kat Brotherton: 512-241-9893

Todd Sloan: 724-470-4768

or via email at


LOCATION: Central Market North, 4001 North Lamar, at the Café area to the south end of the store.


PARKING: There is free parking available in the Heart Hospital parking garage THIRD FLOOR AND HIGHER.  If you are bringing a bus, you can park it behind the store after you unload it.  There is also free parking across the park at 39th and Guadalupe.  Remember: This is one of the busier retail centers in Austin, so allow plenty of time to park and unload.


CHECK-IN AND STAGING: When you arrive, please check in with the TCMF volunteer manning the check-in table, which will be located near the WEST entrance to the Café patio.  You will be directed to a designated  area where you may put your instruments and cases.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT OTHER GROUPS WILL LIKELY BE ON STAGE AT THE TIME, SO PLEASE RESPECT THEIR PERFORMANCE AND ASK YOUR MEMBERS TO BE QUIET AND DISCRETE.  PLEASE TUNE AND WARM UP AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR ALLOTTED TIME PERIOD, OR DO SO IN THE PARKING LOT AWAY FROM THE PERFORMANCE AREA. We have allowed 15 minutes between performances for bands to setup and tear down.   Also bear in mind that on weekends there will be a performer on the stage at the WEST entrance to the Cafe patio during the 15 minute breaks, so please be courteous to them as well.   There will be a TCMF volunteer to watch your cases and equipment while you perform.


SET UP: There will be several TCMF volunteers to help you move chairs and stands during the 15-minute breaks between performances.  However, you are responsible for your own setup and equipment.  Please make sure you have enough members of your ensemble available to arrange chairs.  Also remember you’ll need to bring your own stands, instrument amps, keyboards and percussion instruments.  We will not have common rhythm section instruments (backline) available.


PA AND MICROPHONES: We will have a 16-channel PA system and up to 15 microphones available for your use.  We will also have a sound technician on duty at all main stage performances.  If you are performing in the "showcase sets," the 15-minute showcase sets on the deck during breaks, the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble will provide a small, multi-channel PA for your use, but we will not have a sound engineer available for those sets.  So you'll have to plug in and go.  If you have more complicated amplification and sound needs, please contact Matthew Brodnax Central Market (512) 206-1000 (that's the main number) .  ALSO -- IF YOU ARE PLAYING THE LATER EVENING SETS, YOU MAY ALSO WISH TO BRING STAND LIGHTS. The sunset is beautiful but there is minimal lighting under the canopy on the Patio.  Most bands have been just fine using the available light, but please cover your own needs if you have any concerns.


WATER AND FACILITIES: Central Market will provide water for musicians, which will be available in the staging area.  You can also tell your members and friends that Central Market Café has a wonderful menu and will be open for business during the festival. Restroom facilities are at the indoor entrance to the Café.


MERCHANDISE: If your group has merchandise, CDs, etc., you wish to sell at the Festival, we will have a table available for you, but please make sure you have volunteers from your ensemble to staff the merchandise table. These are all free performances, but if you wish to busk for tips that is OK.


RECORDING: If you wish to record your own performances at Central Market, you may bring your own equipment.


WEATHER (bite your tongue!): There will be a 10X20 foot canopy on the patio, which should shade most of the groups. The patio area is mostly shaded from the direct sunlight, so that should not be a problem.  But BRING SUNSCREEN AND DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. It could be warm, hot or freezing, so be prepared.   If it rains during the day, we’ll suspend performance until it stops.  Sets will not be pushed back or rescheduled because of rain. Unfortunately, that’s part of this business.  Think positive!  ALSO -- REMEMBER THAT APRIL WEATHER IS UNPREDICTABLE.   This is Texas, after all!  The show will go on!


ANY OTHER QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Email Herb Holland, send him a text at 512-789-4372 or check the website for up to the minute details.