And-a-one, and-a-two!

And-a-three, and-a-four…?

The mid-afternoon will come out swinging with the Republic of Texas Big Band!

SUNDAY APRIL 21st — 3:15pm

The Republic of Texas Big Band is a collection of professional people, several of whom actually earn a living as musicians of one kind of another.

It is a community band, meaning it started as a group of people who loved big band music and needed to play somewhere.

This band is currently led by Kent Dugan, who has taken ownership and brought his own book of around 200 tunes. Kent played his first job as a big band musician in 1960 while in high school, and has played in big bands ever since.

And-a-five, and-a-six! (But who’s counting? The Numbers!)

SUNDAY APRIL 21st — 4:30pm

The Numbers play traditional New Orleans jazz and other music ranging from the earliest trad jazz to Second Line tunes to more modern funky stuff. The band was originally formed by members of the Austin Community College Math Department. Players have come and gone over the years and the band has evolved beyond its humble beginnings. Some members still have connections to ACC as faculty or playing with the ACC jazz bands. The Numbers have performed at Bangers, the North Door, Kenny Dorham’s Backyard, Waterloo Ice House, weddings and private parties, among other venues. We are proud to be part of the Honk!TX community of street bands.