A Thursday Evening on the Porch!

Tonight we have TWO neighborhood groups!

THURSDAY APRIL 18th — 5:45pm

The first started at TCMF back in the days when we had 15 minute mini-sets on the deck during mainstage changeovers. And they crammed that deck with players, singers, dancers, and kazoos! And they’ve been a TCMF featured band ever since.

The Thursday Night Jeffersons is an unrehearsed collection of misfit rock stars, many who’ve never wanted to be on stage, but have persisted in the quest to not squelch the dreams of the real musicians. After 20 years of Austin TX fireside jams, a group stumbled to the stage to create and share their original songs for y’all to enjoy. You’ll surely have as much fun listening as they do playing.

THURSDAY APRIL 18th — 7:00pm

This is Kat’s Porch Jam’s third jam at the TCMF… but we should explain. The “Porch Jam” is not Kat’s. But the porch is! But calling the band Kat’s Porch (comma) Jam would leave most thinking we’re unable to punctuate. And yes, Kat is *that* Kat… she’s been out here on the Central Market patio all ten days since 2012!

But I digress… Porch Jam is an autonomous collective of musicians-in-law. We each bring a couple of tunes to the porch, play through them all, and then rehearse to perfect the ones that stick. It’s an eclectic set of songs that you don’t expect to hear!