May We Have This Dance?

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17th — 5:45pm

There are far too few surprises in life. And this will be one of them! The euphonist in Big Dancy is a member of the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, and they have volunteered here at the fest in years past. We can’t wait for them to debut their alchemy for us. It’s sure to be solid gold!

WEDNESDAY APRIL 17th — 7:00pm

Not Past 11, a Central Texas-based band, brings the rhythm and soul to the stage! With a diverse catalog that spans various genres, they’ve got something for everyone: Big Band Swing, ’70s & ’80s Funk, Jazz
and Rock.

This 18-piece big band from Georgetown, Texas, knows how to keep the crowd entertained. Whether you’re into swing, jazz, or just want to dance, Not Past 11 delivers!