Dinner? Supper???

SATURDAY APRIL 13th — 5:45pm

On their website, they bill themselves as “POLKA AND ROCK & ROLL IN AUSTIN, TEXAS” but they will forever be remembered at the TCMF as
“the band that a feral kid with a kazoo refused to get off stage with.”

Amboss Polka Band – Polka and Rock & Roll in Austin, TEXAS

We hope you’ve saved a bit of appetite for our first Saturday Night headliners!

SATURDAY APRIL 13th — 7:00pm

Blue Vibe is a captivating musical collective that weaves a tapestry of sound as vast and diverse as the Texas landscape itself. With an eclectic blend of blues, rock, country, and a touch of soul, Blue Vibe’s music resonates with raw emotion and unfiltered authenticity.

The band is fronted by Timeca Seretti, with Bob Kalka on guitars, Becky Austen on bass, Jason Brown on drums, Frank DeMar on sax, Warren Gill on trombone and David Dalke on trumpet.