Forecast – Sharps and Flats. Naturally!

Austin - The Third Annual 2020 Texas Community Music Festival (2022 edition) returns to the glorious sunshine Tuesday at 5:30pm, with Therapy Pets, followed at 6:45 by MoPac Traffic Jams.

Come enjoy the pleasant spring weather and the music on the patio at Central North.

Monday's show was forced under the patio deck by thunderstorms, but intrepid concert goers were treated to incredible performances by Geoff Bradford and Ben Broussard, both of whom performed programs heavy on the original compostition.

TCMF is now in its 17th year (with a couple off for "bad" behavior), and is presented by the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, sponsored by Westbank String Shop and Ms. Kat's Music and hosted for nearly two decades now by H-E-B and Central Market.

Check out our schedule and join us all week and through the weekend at the Texas Community Music Festival!

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