TCMF hosts Todd Sloan, Herb Holland and Ms. Kat Brotherton thank you for your support of TCMF the 13th!

Austin —  The Thirteenth Annual Texas Community Music Festival is now in the books.  And what an incredible festival it was, from the festival downbeat with Boss Street Brass Band on Friday April 20, through the final “death rattle” Sunday, April 29, with the Dead Music Capital Band.

Please take some time and look through our Facebook and Twitter pages to see and hear some of the great moments from this year’s TCMF the 13th, and make plans to be part of TCMF XIV next year!  (We’re just now beginning to toy around with themes, but it’s going to be hard to top our 2018 offering.

We had numerous requests for T-shirts this year and we’re considering making them available through an online vendor.  So if you’re interested in snagging a TCMF the 13th T-shirt like you saw the festival crew wearing, stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to the hundreds of musicians who worked so hard to provide us with 10 glorious days of music as diverse as Austin itself!  BRAVO!

Special hanks to our gracious hosts, Central Market, for making our festival feel so at home again this year — and every year — along with our founder and organizers, the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, and our generous sponsors, Ms. Kat’s Music and Movement and Westbank String Shop.

Extra special thanks to our sound engineers and to our crew of volunteers who kept the festival running like clockwork and on time.

We’ll see you next year!

Herb, Kathleen and Todd


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