TCMF Closes TODAY with a Zombie Funeral!

Ms. Kat and the Kat’s Pajamas perform for TCMF’s most precious audience members on Saturday.

Austin —  The Thirteenth Annual Texas Community Music Festival ends today with a full program of community music, culminating at 7:45 with the sixth appearance of Austin’s lovable zombie marching band, Dead Music Capital Band.

The final weekend of the festival has been a smashing success, before huge crowds and under sunny skies!

Music lovers have been treated to a wide variety of performances, geared toward audiences of all ages and tastes.

Saturday’s program enthusiastically punctuated that, as it kicked off with a show by our own Ms. Kat and the Kat’s Pajamas, which filled the Central Market patio with preschoolers.

It’s been a great festival.  Come out today and help close it out in style!



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