Ready Betty rocks the Sunday afternoon TCMF house!

Ready Betty rocks the Sunday afternoon TCMF house!

Austin -- We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Texas Community Music Festival, "TCMF the 13th."

If you wish you apply for the 2018 festival, please follow two simple steps:

1) Check the 2018 Schedule page in the main menu to see the available times and dates and

2) Click the button to go to the "Sign Up" page and submit your application.  Please provide three choices of times and dates.  We will do everything possible to accommodate one of those choices or get you close.

Without an electronic record of your registration, it will be impossible for our festival crew (he's getting older...) to remember what you requested and when you requested it.  

You will receive a receipt confirmation of your application within a few minutes.

Check back and view the 2018 Schedule page to see where you'll be playing.