TCMF XII rocking the weeknights at Central Market!

Kathleen Brotherton, “Ms. Kat,” winner of Wednesday’s “Golden Grackle Award.”

Austin — The Twelfth Annual Texas Community Music Festival resumes Thursday at 5:30pm with the Them Blue Skies Trio, followed by Dry River Mirage and Buffalo Grass; another evening of distinctly American musical styles.

It also marks the first performance of the year by our beloved TCMF promoter Ms. Kat, who will also be performing a children’s program at TCMF on Saturday morning.   And, as the photo indicates, Ms. Kat was the winner of Wednesday’s “Golden Grackle,” a TCMF tradition.  The winner gets … to wash his/her clothes fast!

On Wednesday, the Central Market Cafe patio came alive with traditional stylings by the Thursday Night Jeffersons, Austin Banjo Club and the Chaparral Dixielanders, another band that has performed at every single Texas Community Music Festival.

Remember, ALL TCMF performances are family friendly and all are FREE admission.

So come out and celebrate with us tonight and every day the rest of this week.

And enjoy this clip from the Chaparral Dixielanders!

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