Sunday at TCMF: Rock, Opera and Brass (Oh MY!)

Austin —  Threatening skies weren’t enough to keep music lovers of all ages away from Sunday’s second day of Texas Community Music Festival, and those who attended were rewarded to another diverse and well played day and evening of great music.  OK, diverse may not be doing the program justice … it was ALL OVER THE PLACE, much to the delight of the audience, many of whom spent the day and evening at TCMF.

The day kicked off with singer-songwriter Lee Jaster and his quartet, making his first TCMF appearance a memorable one.

Trombonium Sinfonium, a low-brass choir based in Greenville, TX, made their third TCMF appearance, totally rocked the house as well as winning the “who came the farthest to play TCMF” award for this year.   Immediately shifting gears to Dixieland style jazz, TCMF welcomed another performance by The Numbers, a band composed primarily of ACC Math faculty (hence the name).  And Kunitan took people from Bourbon Street right up into the Andes with their beautiful renditions of traditional folk music from South America.

Another newcomer, Texas KGB, wowed the audience with their “Original Americana Music,” a tasty mix of Rock, Country, Blues and Alternative music; distinctly American.

And then the show shifted direction again, with a special performance of “The Elixir Project,” produced by Austin Lyric Opera and the Butler School of Music at UT.  One of the most beautiful and creative performances in the long history of TCMF.

Just when the audience thought they’d seen it all, TCMF brought out the heavy metal!  IT WAS TIME TO SHAKE OUR BRASS, with a triple shot of some of Austin’s rowdiest and most entertaining brass bands:  Yes Ma’am Brass Band, making its first TCMF appearance, followed by the (f)undead musical hijinks of Dead Music Capital Band (Austin’s favorite zombies) and Austin Music Award finalists (in two categories) Boss Street Brass Band, who closed the show to a packed dance floor and people screaming for more.

The Texas Community Music Festival continues Monday at 5:30pm with the Blue Diamonds, followed by Las Gasbacha-chas and a performance by TCMF newcomers Poor Yorick.   TCMF will NOT be performing on Tuesday, but returns Wednesday of this week.

This is shaping up to be the best festival ever and as anyone who has seen it will tell you, the most diverse musical celebration anywhere!