Monday Highlights from TCMF Day 3 — Make sure you come out on Tuesday!

Las Gabacha-chas!

Las Gabacha-chas!

SPECIAL NOTE:  The festival will go on RAIN OR SHINE tonight.  If weather prevents us from staging on the patio, we will be performing on the Cafe deck.

Austin — The Texas Community Music Festival continued delighting audiences Monday night with a trio of entertaining and musically diverse sets.  Highlights included:

Katie Holmes Project – A fine trio consisting of fiddle, string bass and drums. They played their own arrangements as well as a variety of popular cover tunes. Katie captivated the audience with her ability to carry the lead on fiddle as well as sing with a voice that is articulate and smooth. The audience was attentive throughout the band’s set and was disappointed when it was over.

Dixieland Accidentals – Playing a great collection of well-known Dixieland tunes, these 6 guys took turns playing solos in a style that was easy to listen to. Between tunes, the audience was entertained by some facts about the music being played – along with some cerebral exercises in puns and dry wit.

Las Gabacha-chas – Five dynamic women who bring a lot of enthusiasm to their craft. They describe themselves as “non-Latino women who play Latino music” but the audience could tell that they not only play that music, they thoroughly enjoy the music. Their command of the instrument each played (guitar, electric bass, piano/flute, drums and congas) was well balanced and quite entertaining – as was their flawless rendition of tunes from many Latin cultures including Cuba, various regions of Mexico and others.

TCMF continues tonight at 5:30pm at Central Market and features performances by James Speer, Woot Talley and “America’s Got Talent” contestant Dillon Havins.


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