TCMF Spotlight: Woot Talley

Woot Talley performs at Central Market April 23.

From Woot’s reverbnation page:

“I’ve played the bass, guitar, keys, and drums in rock n’ roll bands since 1973. I have sung and played the whole wide spectrum of pop music. From 50s, R & B, Beatles/Stones, Motown, 60s power trios, 70’s arena rock/Zeppelin’ to Deep Purple, 80’s synth pop, 90’s emo grunge. Oh yeah, and 90’s country, in the “finest” dancehalls and beer joints Central Texas has to offer. I’ve played clubs from 6th Street/Steamboat, Antones, to even Mickey’s Thirst I Lounge. In short, I’ve been sloggin’ around this ol’ town a long time….”

Musical influences – “I guess, every kind of popular music this world has had to offer. I haven’t shut down any genre of music, who would do that? You listen, you soak it in. You adsorb the songs, singers, writers, producers, the process, the experience. The heavyweights, the icons, sure they’re influences, but also the not so heavyweight, the artists off the beaten track, have been important to me as well. The local folks, the musicians you went to the clubs to see. It all comes from the same box. A very big box.

“This is a new and exciting chapter for me musically. I’m playing what I want, when I want, writing, and recording in the best music town in America. What else could I ask for?

“The one thing that my music has is variety, I tap into various things, country, folk, blues, rock, a little jazz. American music, Americana….I’ve always believed you have to have a variety for the listener. You got to change it up. So that’s what I like to do and I do it with my writing. It helps me in creating, ya know? Who wants to write to the same beat?”

Visit Woot’s website.

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