TCMF Spotlight: Las Gabacha-chas

Las Gabacha-chas will be bringing their special brand of Latin music to TCMF this year.  Come join the party at 8pm on Monday, April 22!

Las Gabacha-chas are a cross-cultural phenomenon!

Come see some gabachas (non-Hispanic gals) who are crazy about Latin music and laughter. We’ll provide you with both in ample quantities!

We’ve prepared lively songs from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Chile for your listening pleasure. You’ll want to dance and sing along to these catchy covers and original tunes. People of all ages and cultures will love these upbeat rhythms—the perfect complement to any party!  And a great addition to the Texas Community Music Festival.

For more information, check out Las Gabacha-chas’ website. 

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