Well that didn’t take long! 2013 Opening Day is BOOKED!

Austin — After the first day of “early booking,”  the opening day of the Eighth Annual TCMF is totally booked!

Remember, if your group has played four or more Texas Community Music Festivals, you can request your date now and get scheduled before the schedule is opened to the general public.

We’re doing this as a courtesy to our loyal performers and to avoid our longtime friends getting shut out of the program.  That happened last year.

DON’T DELAY.  Book today.

If you’ve played fewer than four festivals or wish to join us for the first time this year, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll put your group in the queue.  General booking will open up on Thursday, September 27.

Also, if your group is involved in any fundraising, charitable activities or just wishes to publicize its upcoming gigs, we’re going to be putting a general Austin Community Music calendar online soon.  Meanwhile, if you follow us on Twitter (@TCMFestival), we’ll enable your tweets for our website Twitter feed.

We hope to connect the Texas Community Music family like never before, and we need your help to do it!



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