What’s YOUR favorite TCMF memory?

So many of us have participated in the Texas Community Music Festival since the beginning.  and there have been so many unique and incredible moments, we thought it might be a worthwhile exercise to have you stroll down memory lane … Er, aisle, since we’ve always been anchored at Central MarKet.

So here are a few events we’ll throw out for discussion:

1) Scottish rock fusion band “the Killdares” become the only band rained out in TCMF history;

2) Austin Banjo Club played through a thunderstorm of biblical proportion at Scholz Garten

3) High winds pick up a table umbrella and drop it on songbird Lisa Clark and her mom.

4) Festival founder Herb Holland gets too “thrilled at the grill” and barfs in his sax during a performance of the New Austin Polka Band

5) Austin Brass Band conductor Robert Laguna plays a number on a garden hose, using his bottom as a “sounding board.”

Surely there have been quirkier moments over the past six years.   How many of you were arou d for any of the events listed ?


Weigh in..   This years festival could very well rewrite the record book for diversity and eclecticity.


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