Austin —  This year’s festival will move a week earlier, to the weekend of April 21-22 and 28-29 at Central Market North.

These dates are TENTATIVE, and as you know, we’ll be adding weeknights and possibly other venues as we get closer to the event.

So you  have NO excuse for being shut out in 2012.

Also, with this much advanced lead time, we ask that all musical organizations consider helping us produce, promote and sponsor this event.  Each year, TCMF grows, musically and in terms of attendance.  We are ready to take some new strides forward and would like the entire community to be represented in this long-term endeavor.  (I guess SEVEN years is a long-term venture!)

Thanks to the groups who have already requested dates.  We’ll be beginning that process in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, PLEASE contact us with your suggestions for content, promotion, etc.  The Texas Community of Musicians has a great stage and now we need to hear your loud voices!

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