Best Best Friends, performing Tuesday, March 3 at Central Market North

Austin — The Sixth Annual Texas Community Music festival kicks off Friday,  April 29th, at Central Market North, and features quite possibly the widest variety of music in the history of the festival.

The festival, which runs through Wednesday, May 11, also features 15 ensembles that are new to TCMF, the largest number of new performers since the inaugural festival five years ago.  Check the Schedule page for the complete TCMF lineup.

We’re also pleased to offer an expanded variety of official TCMF branded merchandise on our Cafe Press site.

If you’re a performer in this year’s festival, please check the Player’s Page for more information about parking and other performance details.  You can also email us with any questions at [email protected].

Also, remember to subscribe to this website to receive email updates from this year’s Texas Community Music Festival.

Thanks again to our generous sponsors and hosts, Central Market North, and our newest member of the TCMF family, The Park at the Triangle.

Two weeks and counting!   Stay TUNED!


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