2011 TCMF Schedule beginning to fill! Second weekend almost scheduled!

The schedule for the Sixth Annual Texas Community Music Festival is beginning to fill.  In fact, the program for Sunday, May 8 is all but closed, with only one time slot remaining, and Saturday May 7 is virtually booked as well.

If you’ve played TCMF in the past, you know how appreciative and enthusiastic the audiences are.  And judging by the repeat performers, including a number of ensembles that have played in all five previous festivals, the TCMF is as much fun for the musicians as it is for the music lovers who spend their spring weekend afternoons at Central Market North.

If you’ve never played this festival, now’s the time to get in.  We’d love to have as many new groups as possible, but time’s a wastin, as we say down here in Texas.   Sets are generally booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and we fully expect the schedule to be set before the middle of January.

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