TCMF 2010 – Another Sunny Sunday at Central Market North

Hill Country Horn Choir performs at 2010 Texas Community Music Festival

Hill Country Horn Choir performs at 2010 Texas Community Music Festival

AUSTIN — The fifth annual Texas Community Music Festival kicked off its final Sunday at Central Market North with the traditional Jazz Brunch from the Chaparral Dixielanders.  It was the sixth time the Dixieland group had kicked off the Sunday set with a “Jazz Brunch;” each one bringing rhythm to the audience and delight to the diners!

The day continued with the Hill Country Horn Choir and a performance by another TCMF veteran group, Los Klezmeros, who spread their Eastern European Klezmer joy to the growing crowd at Central Market North.

Consult the Schedule page on this site for the remainder of today’s schedule.  The performance culminates at 7:45pm with the festival farewell performance by the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, the TCMF host organization.

We also wish to express our gratitude to the Austin Jazz Alliance for sponsoring Saturday’s fabulous program.  We look forward to continued partnership with both AJA and the Austin Traditional Jazz Society, sponsors of last Friday night’s program.

The Texas Community Music Festival shifts back to historic Scholz Garten for performances Monday evening at 6:00 and Thursday at 6:30.  The festival culminates at 8pm Thursday with the year’s first performance of the infamous Wurst Band and the traditional playing of “In Heaven There is no Beer!”

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