So many of us have participated in the Texas Community Music Festival since the beginning.  and there have been so many unique and incredible moments, we thought it might be a worthwhile exercise to have you stroll down memory lane … Er, aisle, since we’ve always been anchored at Central MarKet.

So here are a few events we’ll throw out for discussion:

1) Scottish rock fusion band “the Killdares” become the only band rained out in TCMF history;

2) Austin Banjo Club played through a thunderstorm of biblical proportion at Scholz Garten

3) High winds pick up a table umbrella and drop it on songbird Lisa Clark and her mom.

4) Festival founder Herb Holland gets too “thrilled at the grill” and barfs in his sax during a performance of the New Austin Polka Band

5) Austin Brass Band conductor Robert Laguna plays a number on a garden hose, using his bottom as a “sounding board.”

Surely there have been quirkier moments over the past six years.   How many of you were arou d for any of the events listed ?


Weigh in..   This years festival could very well rewrite the record book for diversity and eclecticity.


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