Please fill out this form to apply for the 2019 Texas Community Music Festival.    

ONLY A HANDFUL OF 15-minute showcase sets remain.  Hurry!

Use this form to apply for a 15-minute Showcase Set in the 2019 Texas Community Music Festival.  We can not accept applications by private email, phone, snail mail or in casual conversation. 

Please complete this form to apply for the 2019 Texas Community Music Festival.  Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, as always.

At this time we are only accepting applications for our 15-minute showcase sets.  All one-hour performance sets are filled. 

Remember that we will only have minimal sound available for these sets; for vocals or sections.    If you require guitar and keyboard amps, please bring them.

Thank you and welcome to TCMF14!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before applying, please go to the "2019 Schedule" page and view available time slots. Please do not apply for a time slot that is already occupied. Also, please provide your choice of three dates on which you would like to play. Bear in mind that there are always many more bands applying for these slots each year, and we will do our best to place you on or near one of your choices. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

All applications will be reviewed on a first come basis.

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